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Woman finds desperate plea in Kmart package

“Tucked in between two novelty headstones that she had purchased at Kmart, she found what appeared to be a letter from the Chinese laborer, who had made the decoration, pleading for help.”


Bioethicist avoids key concerns, says GM animals will make us healthier

There are several important arguments against genetically modified (GM)  plants and animals. Dr. Arthur Caplan addresses only one of them in his piece on, in which he argues that cheaper, more available fish, even if genetically modified, will make us healthier because we will eat less fast food.

I concede that home-prepared GM salmon is likely healthier than popular fast food staples like GM potatoes and factory farm cow. Those bleached buns Dr. Caplan mentions, made from GM wheat, they boast decomposition times slower than the lifespans of many small mammals. Watch this.

The big argument is that GM (we’ve been eating GM crops for 10 years) is bad not just for people, but for the biosphere that sustains all life on the planet, for people and salmon and the countless unseen microbial organisms playing their vital part down the food chain.

Nature, in all its wisdom, through God or evolution or both, has in place a delicate balance of give and take, forged by unimaginable geologic time, whereby swimming salmon in Alaska will pass on the genetic code necessary for the next generation to survive in the ecological niche where the salmon have adapted to survive. If GM genes escape into the larger community of native plants or animals, what might be the consequences? Maybe salmon aren’t supposed to be thick and meaty, for then they can’t swim into the shallowest of tributaries to spawn. One easy example, but the peril is limitless. Truly horrific is the prospect of a world whose natural order we’ve destroyed completely with profit-driven scientific hubris, leading only to more genetic modification to keep the whole mess afloat for one more shopping season.

Dr. Caplan also fails to admit the obvious conclusion that a glut of GM animals coming to market can only lead to more food-related illnesses. All this meat won’t be taken home by mom, grilled with olive oil and served on a bed of organic baby greens. More meat simply means more and cheaper fried shit to be gobbled by the overfed.

If you think it’s cost that keeps people from eating healthy, that’s only half of it. Fresh, organic food is expensive. On a total calorie to dollar ratio, the cheapest calories are almost always found in the most highly processed foods, usually with plenty of sugar and fat. Mostly, however, it’s our lack of will to resist sugar and fat–behavior that’s inherent in our DNA going back to our hunter-gatherer days– especially while it’s being promoted endlessly via sophisticated advertising.

For the 1% of the population who reads, some of them might stumble onto this hack piece by a properly credentialed industry apologist and become convinced there’s nothing to fear.

GMOs could be causing sterility, cancer and other developmental disorders. Google it and you’ll find some shit. Not all of it is true or proven, but either is this uncritical slop:
Bioethicist: ‘Frankenfish’ far less scary than fast food

By Art Caplan, Ph.D.

Santa’s slaves

woman shopping china

Santa’s elves slaves have been busy this year, in preparation for the gluttonous consumer circle jerk that is our holiday shopping season.

Remember this year: the tradition of Christmas gifting enables a global fascist complex to run hot, whereby large corporations, with a nod from governments, outsource manufacturing jobs to slave camps like Fox Con in China to churn out the endless stream of gadgets needed to fill shelves at Wal-Mart, a corporation that operates on razor-thin margins driven by cheap labor. This model is then marketed to the dupes as “low prices.”

I’d rather stop slavery, and have our jobs back. Maybe then we could afford to pay a little more for Disney toys and hair dryers.

Straight from speakwrite to telescreen

The churn of shallow-end noise that makes up what TV news feeds the public rarely comes to a high point of example, where the ceaseless bullshit jumps its own wake, and the thoughtful and semi-literate take pause to wonder: Can these people be trusted to inform the public mind?

This article from is written by reporters and editors that can’t be bothered to scan their eyes over a document before publishing. Even worse, of course, if they didn’t catch the omissions of key words, poor quote placement, and atomically misplaced commas that obliterate the meaning of the so-called expert:

“If you’re a teen that has the possibility of bipolar psychosis, schizophrenia experimenting, as many teens do, with weed for example can really set off a cascade of events where teen has early onset of psychosis, delirium, paranoia,” said Dr. Reiche.

Schizophrenia experimenting? Obviously a misplaced comma, the straight-from-speakwrite-to-telescreen mistake.

But this is local TV news, the low end of reality control, funded by unseen bastards, humped by narcissists with microphones, and swallowed by the herd, who in this case are told teens on pot might kill your children.

Here’s the whole mess:

Posted: Dec 18, 2012 9:41 PM EST Updated: Dec 18, 2012 11:14 PM EST @


Mental health is in the spotlight like we’ve rarely seen in American history. We saw what happened in Connecticut. And even this week in Southwest Florida, investigators attribute a father’s death to a mentally unstable teen.

We talked to experts about things that can trigger violence and how Florida laws make it hard for parents to get their kids help.

It’s often an outward sign – behavior which is the most important factor in determining a mental illness.

Anxiety, outbursts or becoming quite or withdrawn are telltale signs. But even if they’re recognized, some they cannot be managed.

“He shouldn’t be in jail; he is mentally ill,” said a family friend of a Cape Coral man who was stabbed by his own son.

A family friend says Baron Verzi suffered from schizophrenia. Verzi is accused of stabbing his father to death inside their Cape Coral home.

The teen’s father was trying to manage his illness.

“He did all the research he could to find the best facility in Florida,” sad Dr. Omar Reiche.

We talked to mental health experts about the bigger picture trying to figure out how parents can get their teens help.

“Teens, for the most part, aren’t going to want to go voluntarily and they’ll refuse treatment,” said Dr. Reiche.

In Florida, parents cannot force their kids to get help. They have to enter mental health clinics voluntarily unless parents get a court order or police reports show previous violence.

“On set for psychosis and bipolar and schizophrenia is the most part young adults,” said Dr. Reiche.

Experts add that mixing drugs with mental illness can become fatal.

“If you’re a teen that has the possibility of bipolar psychosis, schizophrenia experimenting, as many teens do, with weed for example can really set off a cascade of events where teen has early onset of psychosis, delirium, paranoia,” said Dr. Reiche.